About Us
ABIDE's management consultants are involved in providing objective advice, diverse expertise and proven skills. ABIDE's focus is on creating value, improving business performance and maximizing growth for its clients. We strive to understand and enhance the culture, structure, management and operation of your company.

After earning a Bachelor's degree in Business Management at Southwest Texas State University ABIDE's founder, Ron Enderle, represented Koch Industries for 12 years at varying capacities namely related to the marketing and distribution of bulk commodities, worldwide. In 1993 Ron co-founded an industrial services company with his wife (Crickett). This industrial services company was Material Handlings Services, Inc. (MHS). Several of MHS' clients had international ties and Ron was often asked if MHS would bid on providing material processing and logistical management outside its typical geographic area of focus, namely the Southern United States. Recognizing its clients were capable of performing these services internally or with local knowledge at a more affordable price than MHS could, Ron launched Longview Professional Services, LLC in 1999 for the sole purpose of satisfying its client's needs by providing consulting services on an "as needed" and "retainer" styled basis. In 2008 the name of this company was changed to ABIDE Management Group.

ABIDE understands that each of its clients are very capable of doing the work they are called to perform. The task at hand for ABIDE is to genuinely and effectively work in tandem with its client while focusing its skills in the following areas; 1) Management Technology Interface 2) Market Research 3) Due Diligence. ABIDE strives to complement the culture of its client while assisting its employees and leadership to lower costs, lower risks and put focus back on core business.

ABIDE is a champion of creative change and harmonious interface.

"Diverse knowledge, competitive spirit, integrity and high idealism are paving stones for cultured and sustained corporate success."
Ron Enderle, Founder -- ABIDE