Market Research
ABIDE supports your business model through decisive market research, both on a fixed project and continuous feed basis. Whether ABIDE is charged to collect vital data in support of an in-house project or where competitor and industry recon is needed, we put full attention toward collecting, assessing and disseminating vital information in a manner best suited for your needs. Primary tools used include Industry Structure Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Idea Generation, Site/Demographic Analysis, etc. The key component to ABIDE's success in these endeavors is our commitment to detail, our ability to network without bias and our promise to maintain confidentiality.

When you need assistance in moving forward with a given project, ABIDE is equipped to lead your team in this light. Using proven tools of engagement, ABIDE's project leader and your team will be sure to exceed previously targeted expectations.
ABIDE complements your internal resources by continually facilitating your company's understanding of its position relative to industry structure and competitive alignment.